It seems right now we can’t go a few weeks without Balenciaga making headlines. Whether it’s releasing full Simpsons episodes, conquering the gaming world with Fortnite as well as PS5 partnerships or unveiling Justin Bieber as its new face, Balenciaga is hot a topic at the moment, as well as it seems the minds over at Lyst would agree.

According to the Lyst Index Q3 2021, Balenciaga is currently the world’s most popular brand after surpassing Gucci in the top spot. For the unfamiliar, the Lyst Index is a quarterly ranking of fashion’s most popular brands as well as products which gathers its data from over 150 million shoppers’ behaviours each year.

To some, this ranking may come as no surprise thinking about all the previously mentioned jobs target new audiences in an attempt to further the brand’s reach, however others may be wondering exactly how the likes of Gucci as well as Nike fair on this list. Gucci now heads the second location on the listing after reporting an 86% revenue boost in Q2, while Nike autumn to 6th location after reporting a 16% revenue increase. inspect out the full Q3 Lyst Index right here for more.

In situation you missed it, inspect out more of Balenciaga’s top viral advertising hits in “Memes to Moolah”.

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