Last night, the galaxy treated us to the final trailer of star Wars: The increase of Skywalker. The last film in the saga hits theatres on 20th December an tbh it’s set to be a Christmas miracle.

In the trailer, we see Rey engaging in some quite gnarly saber fighting with Kylo Ren, we see Finn getting hyped about a huge yellow powder explosion as well as we even see Luke Skywalker make a bit appearance chatting his usual wisdom. This all integrated with some remarkable music as well as BB8 beeping a bit was sufficient to make me quietly sob. And, rather frankly, I don’t understand if I can wait up until December to have my concerns answered…

Why is C3PO getting one LAST look at his pals? Didn’t ultimate Leader Snoke, like, die? So does that mean it’s Emperor Palpatine doing the whole frightening voice thing?

Look, whatever. just take all my money, Disney. have it all.